Update: Google suspends the ads. However, the Battle is not over!

The Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) is aggressively perusing an online policy of denial. The TCA started a unsuccessful Google AdWords advertising campaign that targeted key word such as "Armenian" to misinform the general public about the Armenian Genocide.

This month they have accused Google on violating their constitutional rights.

According to FOX News :

A Google spokesman told FOXNews.com that it does not accept ads "designed to stir up hate or advocate against a protected group." The spokesman also said the company does not allow ads for Web sties "that suggest revisions to history or attempt to revise history against the interests of a protected group."

"So you can imagine an ad by a Nazi group that said the Holocaust is a myth, " a person familiar with Google's policies told FOXNews.com, offering another example of an ad that would be rejected by the company.

1. Prevent the Turkish Coalition of America from misleading the public

2. Discourage and stop any other organiztion attempting to follow the foot steps of the TCA