To provide educational and related developmental opportunities that promote awareness, management effectiveness, and creative excellence among Jamaican arts and entertainment practitioners worldwide

This cause is established and being promoted in response to the call for action to be taken to help in the further development of the business of Jamaican arts and entertainment. The initiators of this cause have worked locally and internationally for many years in various aspects of arts management and representation. We recognize that failure to provide adequate support to Jamaican arts development will contribute to frustration, marginalization and moral and attitudinal decline among the youth population.

1. The support of Jamaican culture in immigrant communities of North America and the United Kingdom has resulted in significant global benefits.

2. A very clear demonstration of these benefits is the widespread popularity of Reggae music and related cultural activities.

3. While global recognition continues to increase, arts and entertainment management skills remain inadequate inside Jamaica and immigrant communities

4. JADF represents an effort to harness artistic excellence, which without recognition, certification, and standardization cannot compete globally.

5. The JADF targets industry practitioners, students, and community groups within Jamaican communities in North America, England, and Jamaica itself.