New Web Site

Tickets are now available on line! The website kicks ASS it's Check it out!!!! Thanks guys! Let's get to partying for a purpose. Catherine "Cat" Godwin


New pic for the 20 thousand flyers I picked up yesterday AND OUR WEB SITE IS UP! Just gotta add google check out (the new google pay pal) tonight! The site is Thanks! Catherine "Cat" Godwin

Would you guys help me ....

If you could each recruit 5 members to this cause we can get this show on the road as far as pre-promoting. The billboards go up in two weeks and the web site will be up soon. We're also making a video this weekend to post on facebook and myspace. My adorable…Read More

Venue Change

After several meetings ... we've decided to change our location to Washita Hideaway Campgrounds. They've got everything we looked for in Sparks PLUS they are more centrally located. Be prepared to spend a night or two, enjoy some great music and have some fun…Read More
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