Establish animal welfare as an international issue, support the passage of the United Nations Declaration On Animal Welfare which will enact WORLDWIDE standards for humane animal treatment

The UDAW is an agreement among people and nations to recognize that animals are sentient, to respect their welfare needs and bring an end to animal cruelty – for good.

The UDAW is ultimately an inter-governmental agreement. It will be a non-binding set of basic principles acknowledging the importance of the sentience of animals and the corresponding responsibilities that all of us have to uphold these principles.

There is currently no acknowledgement by the international community of animal welfare as an issue of importance. Neither the scientific findings regarding sentience nor the links between animal welfare and human development have been recognised. This UN declaration can change that and have a worldwide impact on the treatment of animals.

Please go to the website and sign the petition.

1. SIGN THE PETITION AT http://www.animalsmatter.org/

2. Encourage governments to improve and enforce national animal welfare legislation by providing a benchmark

3. Create a more compassionate global attitude to animal welfare, including their needs and habitats.

4. Recognise that animal welfare is a key factor in humanitarian and environmental policy making

5. A UDAW would work for human health – animal welfare contributes to sustainable farming systems and the improvement of human food safety.