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Delivering Relief to Chained Dogs This Scorching Summer

Dear Friend,

Genie's summer—and even her whole life—has improved greatly thanks to the compassion of one person who refused to turn a blind eye to this sweet dog's miserable existence.

While delivering mail in rural North Carolina, a mail carrier spotted a gentle dog, Genie, who was confined to a debris-strewn backyard. Her life was limited to the world within reach of her chain. Her only protection from intense summer heat and winter's frigid cold was a battered plastic airline carrier in the corner of the yard. The sight of Genie on the carrier's daily route weighed heavily on her, and she decided to do something about it.

That's when the postal worker reached out to PETA. Within days, Genie's carrier was replaced with a sturdy new PETA doghouse with a roof that provides her with shade and will protect her from next winter's worst weather.

Will you help more animals like Genie by sponsoring a PETA doghouse for a neglected "backyard dog" right now? (

PETA's Cruelty Investigations Department (CID) is on the front lines in the fight to help neglected and abused dogs nationwide. In the impoverished areas near PETA's headquarters, PETA fieldworkers deliver sturdy, long-lasting doghouses to animals like Genie who may have never known shelter from nature's worst. PETA's fieldworkers help in other ways, too, including providing toys, clean water containers, new collars, and lightweight, tangle-free tie-outs when dogs are burdened with a heavy chain. In addition, they treat animals for fleas, ticks, and ear mites that interrupt their sleep and make their lives very uncomfortable and arrange veterinary appointments for animals who need to be spayed or neutered.

While we always want dogs like Genie to live indoors with their families, when those families can't be convinced to see their dog as anything more than a burglar alarm and if conditions do not violate the meager provisions of local laws, our fieldworkers do everything that they can to change that dog's life for the better and educate guardians on proper, humane care. The dogs are so glad to have our eyes and ears: For example, we removed a chain that weighed 38.2 pounds from around one dog's neck! He could barely lift his neck at all.

Genie was one of the lucky ones. Last year, we delivered more than 300 doghouses, but the need to provide dogs with shelter from the elements is so great that we anticipate delivering even more before the year is out. Won't you help us reach these animals?  If you can find it in your heart to become an "Angels for Animals" doghouse sponsor today, you will change the life of a dog forced to live outdoors. ( By making a small monthly commitment right now, you can help a dog survive both the hottest days of the summer and the most bone-chilling of winter nights. I hope that you'll seriously consider becoming an "Angel for Animals" doghouse sponsor today.

Thank you for helping a neglected dog this summer in such a life-changing way.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


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