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Help Free More Than 1,000 Chimpanzees

Now is the time to speak up for chimpanzees!

In addition to introducing bipartisan legislation ( to end invasive experiments on great apes, the U.S. government has convened a committee ( that is conducting a study to determine whether the U.S. should finally stop locking chimpanzees in laboratories and experimenting on them.

This committee is now soliciting comments from the public (, so this is your chance to let the committee know that you oppose the use of chimpanzees in experiments. Chimpanzees in laboratories suffer immensely both physically and mentally, they are poor models for human diseases, and every other industrialized country in the world has already made the compassionate decision to prohibit the use of chimpanzees in experimentation.

Please take just a few minutes of your time to send a note ( speaking out in behalf of the more than 1,000 chimpanzees in U.S. laboratories and urging the committee ( to recommend a ban on the use of chimpanzees in experiments. Click here ( to take action.

Thank you for all that you do for animals.

Very truly yours,

Kathy Guillermo
Vice President
Laboratory Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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