Articles On LGBT Rights

We have just placed two articles of interest to LGBT people on our LGBT Issues CCUI page. You may want to go to that causes page to read them. Perhaps too, you could invite your friends to read the articles and join the cause. To Go to the LGBT Issues CCUI…Read More

Are You Getting Our Email Alerts About Important Legislation that Impacts Californians?

Are You Getting Our Email Alerts About Important Legislation that Impacts Californians? 1. If your answer is yes- thank you! We hope you are responding to the alerts that you want your legislators to vote for or against. If you used to respond to our…Read More

An Important Alert

Dear Friends, Tomorrow morning (June 25) at 8:00AM I will release an E-mail alert in support of a bill that would allow minors, under certain conditions, to get mental health treatment without the consent of their parents. This is particularly important to…Read More

Legislative Score Card

Dear Friends, I am now working on an interim legislative score card which will rate the performance of our state legislators. It will be based on their votes on the floor of the Senate and Assembly. All bills had to be aproved by their house of origin no…Read More

An Alert Om Harvey Milk Bill

Dear Friends, On Monday, June 15, I will be issuing an alert with a sample letter urging legislators to vote for a bill that would encourage the state to celebrate the life of Harvey Milk. The alert will have a sample letter and instructions on how to easiy…Read More

Sign Up For E-mail Alerts

We have just given the California Communities United Institute cause page a face lift. Among other things it now contains a link to our CalComUI web site and and instructions on how you can join our E-mail alert list. Take a look. See the New Us. Join our…Read More

Join Oour Legislative Alert Program

This coming Friday is the deadline for getting bills approved by their house of origin in the California state legislature. You can help make sure the good bills do get approved. To do that go to: and key your E-mail address in to the…Read More
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