Fall 2010 B2BLS in Houston

I am working withthe Houston HISD and TSU to formulate a date for next year's event. We have organization in place to help organize and promote the 20 10 event for Houston, Texas. We will have a fifrm date withint the next 2 weeks. Help support our…Read More


Revelation I have a friend who is a middle school teacher in Dallas Texas. She is a former publicist and marketing specialist of an Urban Book Publishing Company. She has been after me for several months to come and visit her middle school to do a literacy…Read More

We are ready to Roll!

Ladies and Gentleman, we are now able to receive donations through Causes. Your donations to help fight illiteracy will be greatly appreciated and will be put to good use by supplying reading material, writing workshops, tutoring workshops and Saturday…Read More

Bullying in School from my friend Lily Ratcliff

This is a question that was posed to a colleague of mine by her 10 year old son who has frequently been the target of constant bullying and teasing at his elementary school. I wonder if students, Jaheem Herrera of Dunaire Elementary in Dekalb County (Atlanta)…Read More

Letter/Certificate of Completion is a fraud! Please don't let your kids do this.

Certificate of Completion The 'Certificate of Completion or Attendance' that is being offered in lieu of high school diplomas, is a part of Bush's 'No Child Left Behind'. This is how it works: It is for students who are unable to pass both the Language Arts…Read More

How can we make a difference?

What are your thoughts on how we can make a change to reduce the drop out rates in our community?
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