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The Smithsonian is home to more than 137 million objects - from microscopic scientific specimens to sculptures as tall as a house.

Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo in Washington D.C. are free and open to the public 364 days a year.

Many people think the Smithsonian is fully funded by the government. In fact, less than three-quarters of the annual budget we need to open our doors comes from federal appropriations. The rest comes from private funds and donations made by generous supporters like you. And every year, the gap between our federal budget and our operating needs grows.

We want to remain a center of excellence and inspiration, and your donations make that possible! With your help, we can:

* Put more of our collections online for the world to see and experience.

* Continue to study climate change and biodiversity, helping us all to understand and protect our fragile natural world.

* Tell the story of the great American spirit of innovation and exploration.

* Inspire and develop the next generation of artists, scientists, and scholars.

We can't do it alone.

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1. Preserving & Exhibiting America's Treasures - from the Hope Diamond to Amelia Earhart's plane to Lincoln's top hat - it's all here at the Smithsonian

2. Exploring the Universe - a world leader in research, whether working to save giant pandas from extinction or developing forensics used by the FBI.

3. Educating Millions of People - exhibitions, workshops, lesson plans, school programs, hands-on activities & interactive websites.

4. Bringing the Smithsonian Experts and Collections to You - through traveling exhibitions at over 500 venues, 162 affiliate museums & over 200 websites.

5. Learn more on our website: www.si.edu

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