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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness


October 15th was created to provide support, education and awareness for those who are suffering or may know someone who has suffered a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, a still birth, or the loss of an infant. We hope that we can help you by giving you and all of the other parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, and friends a special day of remembrance. This special day of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance is October 15th of every year.

It is time to start fund raising.  Please take a few moments to visit Remembering Our Babies Keepsake Boutique (  They are the sole financial supporter at the time for our October 15th campaign.  They have beautiful memorial items for pregnancy and infant loss.  Silicone bracelets, awareness pins, memorial pendants such as hand stamped jewelry, hand sculpted jewelry, car magnets, custom decals to memorialize your baby, etc.  Here are some stunning photos of some of the keepsakes.  By ordering, 15% of each item goes towards October 15th so we can send awareness pins and brochures to hospitals and doctors offices.

Thank you so much for your continue support of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.


Robyn Bear
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Remembering Our Babies Keepsake Boutique (

One of our gorgeous Handmade Sculpted Pendants - You can 1, 2 or 3 Babies on this one.

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