Change The Laws That Criminalizes Prescriptions Written Legitimently For Those In Pain.

My name is Tracee. I am the founder of this group. I suffer from Chronic Pain. It affects every aspect of my life. I have an AODA education and my entire life has been spent learning about and help others with the issues of addiction. But when physical pain entered my life, I was made aware of an entire new aspect of the theories and practices of AODA professionals. I found out first hand what ppl who hurt are subjected to by medical professionals. Subsequently, I also learned the prescriber's point of view. Did you know they risk losing their entire medical practice? Even if they are not negligent in prescribing narcotic pain relievers. EVEN if it is all medically necessary and they are working for the greater good. Even if they are found not guilty or not even charged with a crime, it can all be gone.
That is one reason it is so hard for you to get your pain medicine. That is why we are treated like addicts. The doctors are SCARED and for good reason.
So, I started this cause and page to help you understand chronic pain. To keep you informed of medical advancements and legal battles.
It's become my lives work. So welcome friends. And thank you for joining all of us in this crusade!!!!
As pain sufferers, we need to give voice to our misery, educate ourselves, and work to change commonly held beliefs that say our behaviors are drug seeking. Hopefully together we can have some semblance of normalcy in our pained lives.

Together We Will Be Heard. Together We Will Make a Difference.

1. Physicians Should Be Able To Write Prescriptions For Narcotics For The Treatment Of Chronic Pain If They Feel That It Is Warranted

2. No One Should Be Left In Pain.

3. Raise Awareness About The Differences Between Addiction And Dependence