To Educate Women and Men on Breast Cancer

There is Good news as they discover more options for identifying and treating Breast Cancer. Every Breast Cancer Patient is unique. The key to CURING Breast Cancer is finding it in the earliest stages. THE DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER is one of the greatest challenges a person can face. Breast Cancer does not discriminate. When Breast Cancer enters the picture of someones life the entire family embarks on a cancer journey. Are you or someone you know in need of support or guidance? National Programs: Look Good Feel Better-lookgoodfeelbetter.org, American Cancer Society-cancer.org, Breast Cancer- breastcancer.org, National Cancer Institute- cancer.gov, Living Beyond Breast Cancer- lbbc.org, The Breast Cancer Site- breastcancersite.org, HER2 Support- HER2support.org, Dallas-Ft Worth area only 'Cancer Care Services' cancercareservices.org. Remember you are not alone. Get involved and help in the Fight against Breast Cancer.

1. 70% of women who are diagnoised with Breast Cancer have no family history of it.

2. Early detection saves lives

3. Mammograms do not hurt. Yes! they are uncomfortable, but they can save lives.

4. Self Breast Exams need to be done monthly.

5. It's important to express how you feel once diagnoised with Breast Cancer and reach out to others who have gone throught it or are going through it.