Congratulations to our members!

Well, we are at 200 members and growing strong! To each of you, I thank you all for deciding to make a difference in a child's life. The difference of education is so important. We hope that they will know that the citizen's of this State will honor their…Read More

State Legislator List

Hello all, As we progress for change in this State for public safety survivors, one of the tasks we are doing is the contacting of State Legislators who will carry our cause. If you know of a Legislator who is pro-police, pro-education or pro-victim…Read More

Update: New Twitter Profile name/link

If you Twitter, find us at:

We are on Twitter - Look for E4PSS

Hello all. We are at 126 members as of this morning and are growing strong. At the request of some, we have started a Twitter feed as some like to have their information come through that medium. If you have a Twitter account, please find us at E4PSS. We…Read More

Congratulations on reaching 100 Members!!!

Hello everyone I just wanted to post a quick note. It has been an interesting week since we have started this cause. We have reached 100 members!!! I have some great news coming your way soon. All I can say now, is that are cause and concerns are reaching…Read More

Hello all

This is in the infant stages now, but I felt I needed to do something in the wake of the tragedy in Oakland. If you have any positive comments, I'd love to hear them. I will let you know how things progress. I will be setting up meetings with local and State…Read More
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