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Today is your final chance to make a 2011 tax-deductible donation to help children with cancer!

Dear Friends,

2012 is hours away, and the American Childhood Cancer Organization is prepared to serve thousands of children and adolescents with cancer in the coming year. We regret that our work is necessary, but we are proud to be a source of support and information for American families during and after their battle with childhood cancer, a truly insidious disease. ACCO produces and distributes the highest quality childhood cancer resources, and we advocate for legislative policies that positively impact our nation's youngest cancer patients--because kids can't fight cancer alone.

Without question, these heroic children are shining examples of strength and bravery, but even heroes need help sometimes. As adults and caregivers, it is our responsibility to help these children during and after their fight. It is up to us to ensure that they grow up to live fulfilling, healthy lives.  With a generous, tax-deductible donation, you can continue to give children and their families hope and strength to fight this terrible disease. 

How your donation helps:

$15 gives a free book to a child with cancer. 
$25 gives a "Cozy Cares Kit" to a child with cancer. Each kit includes: a children's treatment journal, a fun hand gesture pen, and cuddly stuffed cat that can be used in medical play.
$50 gives one copy of the Second Edition of "Educating the Child with Cancer" to a family and another copy to the child's school, leading to improved communication between parents, educators, and medical professionals, so, together, they can provide an appropriate education for children with cancer. 
$100 gives two families an entire Treatment Kit each. Our Treatment Kits include: a large travel bag, Cozy pillowcase, soft fleece blanket, playing cards, "Along the Way" parent journal, and age-appropriate books for young patients and their siblings.  
As this year comes to an end, we thank you for remembering the American Childhood Cancer Organization when making your year-end contributions. With your help, we can give hope to our nation's youngest cancer patients!

Warmest Regards, 

Ruth Hoffman MPH, ACCO Executive Director


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