Intentionally presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people using all forms of media and providing an opportunity to respond.

Our vision is for 888-NEEDHIM and needhim.org is to grow as a world-wide evangelical response method used by the Holy Spirit through both secular and Christian media.

Our vision is that people will have an opportunity to hear the message of the saving knowledge of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through secular and Christian media campaigns on television, radio, print, email, and through public relation campaigns, internet searches, and tracts.

Our vision is that people will have an opportunity to respond by calling one of our volunteers, chatting through instant messaging, sending an email, or an SMS text message through their cell phone.

Need Him is unique in that we don’t use our interaction with those seeking Christ as a means to expand our donor base, solicit financial support, sell products, or add names to a mailing list.

We exist solely to share Christ.

1. www.needhim.org

2. www.needhimresources.com

3. 888-NEED-HIM