Gay Rights Are Civil Rights - Needs your support!!!

Our billboards have gone up and the T.V. commercials almost finished. All that is left is to pay for it. Please consider making a donation today.

Gay Rights don't come cheap.

Today our first billboard went up on I-26. Wind permitting the second billboard will go up tomorrow. Our talented team is finishing up the t.v. ads... Now we need your help to pay for the tv spots. Please donate today. We are only $179 short of reaching…Read More

We need your Help. Please donate to Gay Rights Are Civil Rights

The incredible victories in Iowa and Vermont prove the nation is changing its attitude toward glbt people. Education is the key to that change. Please support our media campaign “Gay Rights Are Civil Rights” with a donation today! Every dollar makes a…Read More

Gay RIghts Are Civil Rights - Take the next step!

AFFA's Gay Rights Are Civil Rights media campaign begins this Monday. We need you financial support to raise $16,000. Please help with a donation today either through our face book link or via the affa website A…Read More

Gay Rights Are Civil Rights - Next Step

Joining the cause is only the first step. Now we need your help!!! Please donate!!! This year our billboards alone will cost over $16,000. Please make a donation today either through the donate link on face book, or directly through the AFFA website…Read More
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