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Dear Art Friends: Below is an important message form the Partnership for the Arts. You may recall that your actions this spring prompted a special request from legislators to "please stop sending messages - we get the point." Well, it's time to let the Governor and Lt. Governor know how we feel about support for the Arts in Louisiana! Thanks for your support. MARK TULLOS


WE'RE DONE TO THE WIRE AND NEED EVERYONE to "get the vote out!" We have just put 3 very important messages on the CapWiz link. One to the Governor urging him to restore the Arts funding, one to the Lt. Governor urging him to support our Legislative floor leaders as they go to the Governor on our behalf and both the Senate and House members. This will be our only chance to get the funding for the arts reinstated. If we don't get a huge response from all over the state, we are in serious trouble. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this is just that crucial.

As a reminder:

Go to

In the bottom left hand corner insert your Zip Code and press GO. You'll be taken directly to the ALERT page. You will see the 3 State of Louisiana alerts. Remember to complete all 3, one at a time. Once you finish the first one, you'll get the confirmation screen. At the upper left, you'll see, "Legislative Alerts and Updates." Under "Statewide" you will see the alerts to the Governor and Lt. Governor. You can complete the second message to the other recipient. Further down under "Smart Alert" you will see "State of Louisiana" where you will find the message to your legislators. Complete that one and you're done. I you should have any problem, don't hesitate to contact me.

It is VITALLY important that you take action on ALL 3 alerts and. more importantly, that you pass this on to everyone you know . . . friends, family, boards, artists, educators . . . well, I think you get the picture. We need to generate another 40,000 emails if we're going to make an impact on Governor Jindal.

Thanks so much for your support.

Tommy Usrey

Vice Chairman, Advocacy
Louisiana Partnership for Arts Advocacy

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