Save - state arts funding supporting established arts institutions, nurture both emerging arts organizations and our overall cultural economy.

The Decentralized Arts Funding Program (DAF) grants dollars have basically been zeroed out by the Governor along with a significant cut in Statewide Arts Grants (SAG).

The House Appropriations Committee will be meeting next week and we need to deluge them with emails, faxes and phone calls urging them to reinstate the grants dollars. Please go to the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts website, www.lparts.org type in your zip code in the "Write Your Legislator" box at the lower left hand corner. You will see the following alert:

State of Louisiana Alert! Urge House Appropriations Committee to Reinstate DAF and Statewide Arts Grants Funding
Click on Take Action, read the Alert, then scroll down to Compose Message where you will see the brief letter that we have composed to be sent to each member of the Appropriations Committee. It is perfectly acceptable and I would urge you to add a brief paragraph of your own at the bottom of the message telling the legislators the potentially negative effects of the cut on your organizations - loss of programming, staff, arts in education programming, etc. We need to HIT HOME that this 83% cut of DAF and the 31% cut in SAF will devastate the cultural economy in Louisiana which is the number 2 industry in the state.

Once you have "TAKEN ACTION," please pass this email on to your board members, friends and membership. Through our grassroots efforts, we were able to restore the arts funding back in 1994 when we faced a similar situation. WE CAN DO IT AGAIN NOW. We just need your help to get our message out so every member of Appropriations will receive thousands of emails!

1. http://www.crt.state.la.us/arts/