STOP THE STYROFOAM!!! Starting with Dunkin' Donuts

DUNKIN' DONUTS: Stop Using Styrofoam!
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"Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day." (www.dunkindonuts.com). They are also one of the only chains to still use Styrofoam for their single serving coffee cups. Please help us by telling Dunkin' Donuts to stop using Styrofoam and at the very least, change to paperboard, which is much more biodegradable.

I grew up in the Boston area and well, there are Dunkin' Donuts shops everywhere. For example, in the small town I grew up in (about 10,000 people), there are 4 of them. I had my first taste of coffee there in the early 90's and well, I've never looked back. Their coffee made me a coffee lover, not so much a connoisseur, more of an addict. Oh well, it could be worse.

Since we came out with the SV travel mugs about a year and a half ago, I have always brought mine into coffee shops. It's so reused that the image completely wore off and I had to put a PTGD Gorilla sticker over it. I don't frequent DD as much lately, because after their invasion of my hometown and replacing one of the only independent coffee shops around, I got a little annoyed with them.

But that hasn't stopped the millions of customers they have every day. And unfortunately, most of these people do not own our ReUse travel mugs or own another travel mug or simply care how bad styrofoam is for the environment. That's why we need to make Dunkin' Donuts see the problem. Please help us by telling Dunkin Donuts to stop using styrofoam and at the very least, change to paperboard, which is much more biodegradable. Visit their product feedback page at https://dunkindonuts.com/aboutus/contact/Feedback.aspx?type=5.

You can also do your part by making sure to bring a reusable container every time you get coffee or other beverage when you're out.

(This infomation was copied off a Stay Vocal blog. Please visit the Stay Vocal web site and/or reach them at myspace. You can also buy their very nice reusable travel mugs and other products on their web site. Thanks!)

1. Most types of styrofoam DO NOT biodegrade.

2. When most types of styrofoam are broken, harmful chemicals are leaked into the air.

3. There are styrofoam alternatives; there is no good reason for any business to continue using such a harmful product.