New blog post: No, harassing a shark for fun is not the same thing as scientific research that helps conserve threatened species

Hello, everyone! I wrote an article for Scientific American a few weeks ago that praised the growth of safe and responsible shark ecotourism, but criticized the disrespectful and dangerous behavior of a few shark divers. Partially in response, an article…Read More

Want to name a shark and track it with Google Earth? Donate to my SciFund project!

Hello, everyone! Thanks for all your support so far with my crowd-funded shark feeding ecology research! As before, donations of any amount are appreciated, but larger donations have rewards associated. More information about the project, including how to…Read More

Want to participate in a day of shark research? Donate to my SciFund challenge project!

Hello, everyone! So far more than 50 donors have contributed to my crowd-funded shark feeding ecology and conservation research. I'm 70% funded with 3 weeks to go, but I still need help getting over the finish line. Project:…Read More

Help support shark feeding ecology research with the Sci-Fund Challenge

Hello, everyone! I am participating in the 4th SciFund Challenge, a crowd-funding platform for scientific research. I'm using it to raise funds for some of my dissertation research on the feeding ecology of local shark species,…Read More

Please help prevent a setback to U.S. shark conservation policy!

Your help is needed to help prevent a setback in United States shark conservation policy! Maryland is proposing to weaken a state ban on shark finning, but they are accepting public comments on that proposal! Please read this blog post carefully and follow…Read More

New blog post: Here's how you can tell that the "shark" photobombing kids is actually a dolphin

Hello, everyone! Many of you have probably seen the news story about a shark photo-bombing children at the beach. However, it is not a shark- it is a dolphin. In a new blog post, I explain (in detail, with diagrams) how you can tell.…Read More

New blog post: 13 amazing things scientists discovered about sharks in 2013

Hello, all, and happy holidays! I've written a new blog post entitled "13 amazing things scientists discovered about sharks in 2013". The post can be found here: Please read and share! The research teams who…Read More
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