Join KC Cowan of OPB's Art Beat, artists and alumni in support of OCAC's Craft Lives Here campaign to become the principal center of the invention of modern craft.

Now is the time to take part in the exciting changes at OCAC.

OCAC's Craft Lives Here Campaign has reached 76% of its goal of $14.5 million. Any gift you give, in any amount, will be matched on a $1-for-$2 basis by the Murdock Foundation.

This campaign will build a new Drawing, Painting and Photography Building, renovate and expand the Ceramics and Metals Studios, increase accessible public areas, provide needed infrastructure and increase our endowment fund.

Oregon College of Art and Craft serves the field of art by uniquely bridging artists, art professionals and all forms of artistic endeavor through the mastery of crafts-based art. Through strategic planning efforts we have outlined a vision for the future in which the college will become more fully valued by the community as a diverse and highly effective educational institution and resource. We envision increased recognition of the fundamental contributions of craft in diverse cultures and in every society in the world throughout history.

Elegant, concrete pavers, inscribed with your name, a loved ones name, or a favorite quote, are available for tax-deductible contributions of $250-$500 each. The pavers will be placed in the various courtyards near the Drawing/Painting and Photography building.

A paver can be donated by any group or individual, in honor of a favorite instructor, visiting artist, alum, graduate or inspiring artist. A paver can be dedicated in celebration or in loving memory. Think of this as your time capsule of words. What do you have to say to the future and the arts?

A limited number of pavers are available. Visit https://www.ocaccms.net/machform/view.php?id=12 to act now.

Reserve your paver today!

On behalf of the college and the more than 2,000 artists and craft people who use this special Oregon institution each year, please give generously, and thank you in advance for your support.

1. OCAC, founded in 1907, is serving 2,200 students in facilities designed for 1,000. With this expansion, OCAC is estimated to swell to 3,000!

2. OCAC, already a fully accredited degree program, has outlined a vision to improve its educational experience and community resources.

3. In this bold transformation, OCAC will double its facility size, renovate existing studio and public spaces and enhance technology and storage.

4. OCAC's ambitious plan will contribute to the creative economy of Portland by bringing more innovative artists to the region.

5. Your designation of an elegant, inscribed paver will be a tangible mark on the OCAC campus. https://www.ocaccms.net/machform/view.php?id=12