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EUROVISION the massacre

Azerbaijan will host the massacre of dogs experiencing Eurovison'a follow

11.01.2012 04:21
last year's winner of the Eurovision Song Contest hosted by the winner the right to make Azerbaijan, Baku, on the agenda with the massacre of dogs.

contrary to the laws of the country, although stray street animals and shot and killed by poisoning caused the reaction of animal lovers.


President Ilham Aliyev and Prime Baki said the government acted by order of Shahar Ijra Hakimiyyati organization's streets by 'cleaning' took on the task of telling the Azeri animal lover linkinde also launched a signature campaign to stop the massacre.

EUROVISION the massacre in Russia caused them

Final in 2009 a similar incident took place in Moscow in had happened. "Clean Up activities yetişmeyeceğini heavy walking, and the song contest" köpepi excuse poisoned thousands of the city. The emergence of animal rights organizations, the event spilled onto the streets, to protest the massacre and to ensure the protection of the remaining approximately 30 thousand dogs, referring to the name of the Eurovision, "Eurokilling'i Stop" campaign launched.

Please sign and pass on this petition in any way you can so as this slaughter is ended.

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