We all know these things go on but we should do more to stop it. Put pressure on goverments world wide.

I started this cause very recently on Facebook and it has since gained over 4500 members and raised about $400 for the chosen charity*. I believe we share the world with animals great and small and they should never be persecuted by man simply because we can and for self gain
Fight for the right of all abused animals worldwide. This is a cause very close to my heart. Beautiful animals are being persecuted for no reason other than that they live in the same world as man. Let's keep voting with our mouse and try and get the right people to take notice.
I know money is a muted point with many at this time but every penny really does count no amount is too small you can save a live of some poor abused animal by letting them have the medical attention they need (no deserve) and on to a home where no one will abuse them again. Any donation counts towards this new life.

1. http://www.abusedanimalsoftheworld.com