We are so blessed......

Hello Everyone! We at The Brandie Rose Foundation (TBRF) have an opportunity this Christmas season to make a wish come true. A local woman fighting brain cancer has asked for one thing, and one thing only....she desperately needs a Gas Range. Her old stove…Read More

Traverse City "Shop Your Community" Day is tomorrow.....Nov. 14th.

Hello! Unfortunately, in the past year we have seen the needs of cancer patients in our area increase rapidly. We want to be able to help, but we need the help of supporters such as yourself to continue that effort. We want to be able to consider each…Read More

The Brandie Rose Foundation

Hello Everyone! I was thinking today....that the only e-mails you ever get from us is when we're promoting our fundraising events (don't get me wrong.....fundraising is really important in helping our cancer clients) but I thought...wouldn't it be awesome to…Read More

U.S. Health Officials Back Safety of Cervical Cancer Vaccine

U.S. health officials again backed on Thursday the safety of Merck & Co Inc's vaccine to prevent infection by a virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer. The Gardasil vaccine "continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to…Read More

Golf Outing for 2009

To All Our Members, Regretfully we have had to cancel the Golf Outing scheduled for 9/12/09. It's unfortunate because this fundraiser produces the greater part of our donations for the year. But we are hopeful that the economy will pick up and our sponsors…Read More

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