To raise donations of dog & cat food for the pets of senior citizens in the Houston, TX area

As a community service project, the Hobby Center for Public Policy is carrying out a pet food drive on the University of Houston campus for AniMeals on Wheels, a program that benefits the clients of Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston.

Meals on Wheels of Greater Houston provide home-delivered meals to more than 3,600 homebound seniors.

Many elderly and disabled people who receive food from the Meals on Wheels share what food they receive with their pets, which leads to neither the person nor pet receiving proper nutrition.

The Hobby Center for Public Policy started a pet food drive on campus in spring of 2009 and thanks to the generosity of UH students, faculty and staff, 700 pounds of pet food and $200 in monetary donations was collected.

A 2nd Pet Food Drive was held in February 2010. Thanks to the continued support and generosity of the UH community a total of 939 pounds of pet food plus $150 in monetary donations was collected for the spring of 2010.

Our 3rd annual pet food drive for AniMeals on Wheels is taking place from April 11 thru May 2, 2011. Dry and canned dog and cat food donations can be dropped off at various locations around the University of Houston campus (http://www.uh.edu/hcpp/animeals.htm) details.

After receiving the pet food donations, Interfaith Ministries re-package the dry pet food to ensure that the food is distributed appropriately among households. AniMeals is currently running low on pet food and are in need of the generous support of the Houston community.

More information about Meals on Wheels can be found here: http://www.imgh.org/meals-on-wheels/animeals-on-wheels

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3. Homebound seniors on the Meals on Wheels of Greater Houston program can sign up for AniMeals on Wheels, which delivers pet food once a month

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