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Thank You to all of you who turned out to support Kurtz at in Federal Court in Buffalo

Hi everyone,

A big Thank You to all of you who turned out today to support Professor Kurtz at in Federal Court in Buffalo - WE PACKED THE COURTROOM!

Steve was incredibly moved and strengthened by the support, and the defense lawyers commented on how effective it was in showing that this case is one of concern to Buffalo citizens.

As Prosecutor Hochul attempted to respond to defense attorney Paul Cambria's motions to dismiss the case -- including the fact that, according to the contract itself, no "crime" was committed -- the absurdity of the case was apparent for all to see.

The highlight of this theater of the absurd (although it is difficult to choose) was perhaps when Judge Arcara ordered Prosecutor Hochul to produce the original contract between ATCC and the University of Pittsburgh. Apparently 3 1/2 years and millions of dollars was not enough time and resources for the government to procure this document, which Cambria pointed out was rather crucial to the government's entire "case."

A new hearing is scheduled for January 18, 2008, to examine this document, as well as hear other motions; after that, the judge will rule on all the motions to dismiss.

While we were encouraged by the hearing, we still don't expect to win these motions, since it is nearly impossible for judges to throw out Grand Jury indictments.

Therefore we continue to prepare for trial, which is likely to take place this summer.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Lucia Sommer
CAE Defense Fund

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