To raise public and financial support for Dr. Steven Kurtz and Dr Robert Ferrell

The CAE Defense Fund works to raise public and financial support for Dr. Steven Kurtz, founding member of the internationally acclaimed Critical Art Ensemble, and his collaborator, Dr Robert Ferrell. In 2004 Dr. Kurtz was illegally detained and accused by the US government of "bioterrorism" and is now awaiting trial for trumped-up charges of "mail fraud" and "wire fraud." Under the USA PATRIOT Act, the maximum possible sentence for these charges increased from 5 years to 20. The case threatens to set extremely dangerous precedent for our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights to freedom of speech and dissent.

The issues here are fundamental: freedom of speech, freedom of expression and academic freedom. The case is precedent-setting, and will help determine whether anyone exercising their right to free speech can be criminalized merely for their ideas, in fundamental violation of the United States Constitution.


Without the efforts of thousands of people who raised the money to pay the legal bills and created the media surrounding this case, Steve Kurtz would probably be in jail today awaiting trial.

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Please make checks payable to "CAE Trial Fund" and send them to:
CAE Trial Fund
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The National Association of Artists' Organizations (NAAO) is fiscal agent for the CAE Defense Fund and the CAE Trial Fund.

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