The dance ordinance for Des Moines has been repealed! there are some requirements such as a liquor establishment getting a permit to play music at all hours with 75% of their neighbors permission and if the place has never been used for an event before to get…Read More

Next Council Meeting this Monday, 4:30 P

Next meeting is for second consideration to repeal the dance ordinance is on Monday 7/27. I am very happy that the city council has been focused on repealing this so far. I am a bit saddened that my council person , Christine Hensley (who I voted for), has…Read More

Success for part 1/3!

Last night's meeting went very well. The council all agreed to repeal the dance ordinace. Unfortunately the police chief made it a public safety issue rather than a dancing issue. Sad that they had to shift the focus but still all agreed that dancing should…Read More

Next Council Meeting!

It's on people. Same drill as before. Please make sure you contact your council person and mayor ( can find them at ) with your support. I have a petition to hand in also and will say a couple more words. Feel…Read More

Another great article in the paper

This time by my favorite opinion writer Raku Basa. Also, got about 600 signatures at 80/35 thanks, especially to the 515 Alive crew, for gathering them and will be sure to put it up to…Read More

Clarify on next council meeting

Just in case there is confusion, I wanted to clarify that the city council meeting is next week with hopes that the ordinance will be on the agenda. Will know the agenda for sure by Thursday at 4 PM. I will then send a blast out. Looks like we got about 500…Read More

Great Articles in the Paper!

Had a wonderful article in the paper about removing the dance ordinance and an AMAZING editorial for the same. I put them in the links section to look at. Please read and comment them with your support! Also, there will be paper petitions to sign at 80 / 35…Read More
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