Bring public power and justice to family courts just like criminal courts

The social services and family court judges need to give back the power to the public,just like sentencing in the criminal courts.
Not only are children left at home to die at the hands of abusers because of social workers and judges incompetence but innocent families or families that just needed help and support are losing their precious children to the care system. Sometimes the care system can be a worse place for abuse such as the 'Jersey and Leicestershire childrens homes' and abusive foster carers 'Eunice Spry '.For some reason social services trend is to put children into care which becomes a legal production line to 'recycle' children adopting them out after 12months,against the families wishes and even the child's.
There are quite rightly children who need to be in care but are ignored due to social workers 'heavy case loads' in dealing with children in care on flimsy grounds (emotional abuse, see STOP CHILD PROTECTION REMOVING CHILDRENS FROM VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE).
Children in care and on interim care orders after 40 weeks go onto full care orders, most are adopted out against their wishes and their families. Children under the age of 10 tend to be adopted as over that age they are not 'adoptable' and will spend the rest of their childhood most likely in care institutions.
Social services often are against placing children with grandparents and extended family/friends persuading judges to agree because of pathetic risks (that may affect their adoption process).
If criminals have a right to a fair trial and jury for a prisonable offence surely children should have that right too whilst preserving their identity and the jury swearing to the usual confidentiality.
Family court judges decide childrens and their families fates and safety based on social services recommendations and often biased or incompetent doctors reports.
Lets get this cause having the support of thousands to save children such as baby P's out there. Also to save children and families from system abuse and force social services and the courts to provide what should be a PUBLIC SERVICE paid for by tax payers to help and educate families.
Please invite ALL your friends and make a difference,thankyou!.
Cause started 25th March 2009

1. Over 100,000 children are in the uk care system,some shouldnt be there however some should and are not but instead left to be abused and die

2. A public Jury will ensure evidence is scrutinised fairly for the 'best interests of the child' making social workers and cafcass do their jobs better!

3. A Jury will take away the decisions of judges who sometimes get it wrong due to fear of being blamed by social services,media etc

4. Opening up the family courts will NOT CHANGE A THING, a Jury WILL!

5. A Jury will help children to stay out of the care system by placing them with extended family preserving a childs identity and normal life