Please Visit our Website for Upcoming Events!!!!

Hi all - Please visit to see our schedule of upcoming events, there is something for everyone! Come out and join us, we are actually, a LOT of fun!!! (Not your namby-pamby organization!!!) Let's raise money for cancer care!

Hey All! Newly Rescheduled Cruise!!!!!!

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I had to cancel the last cruise, but I had a very severe surgery! I was not physically able to attend, and what fun would that be???? I am feeling better, and would like to invite all of my friends to join us on the "Cruise for a…Read More

Thanks for joining!!!

If I were to task each of you to raise five dollars each, and five dollars from everyone you know, who is philanthropically-minded, do you know how much we might raise???? It's really that simple, you can donate on our website,, via…Read More

Thank you!!!

Hi all, thank you for your support for my efforts to help people, one human being at a time (it's all I can afford!!). Just knowing that you are behind me/us ifswonderful and keeps me going on days when I wonder: "Why do I do this??" Those days are few and…Read More
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