To increase understanding, respect and acceptance of every form of worship, and to increase Peace, Love, Harmony within and without.

We have celebrated the Universal Worship for decades on several continents and continue to serve humanity in it's quest for wholeness of spirit, mind, heart and body. We offer training for Universal Worship ministry and ordain new ministers, as well as provide a full array of ministerial services including Weddings, baby blessings, House Blessings, Funerals, and other ceremonies.
Contact Siraja (The Very Reverend) Tasnim Hermila Fernandez at web site www.churchofall.us

1. We honor, respect and celebrate all scriptures and Messengers of humanity

2. To answer the cry of humanity for self knowledge and human wholeness.

3. We incorporate spiritual practices, points of view and sacred teachings, and Dances of Universal Peace to reach out to those seeking UNITY.

4. Celebrating and supporting Love, Harmony and Beauty through the Dances Of Universal Peace

5. www.churchofall.us