To Find and Save Kidnaped Bulgarian Boy SAVESTIN TODOROV DEYANOV!!!

Savestin Todorov Deyanov
Wanted Interpol F-7/2.2000
Have you seen my child?
Does this young man study with you?

The father of this kidnapped child asks you to join the international human chain involved in searching for his charming son. Help him. The real name of this child is Savestin. He was kidnapped in Bulgaria, Europe, when he was eight years old. Savestin fell victim to a trafficking practice of illegal adoptions and probably has changed identification and name. The traffickers are capable of causing humans partial amnesia afflicting abducted children in the long term. The real year of birth of this child is 1988, but his present identification documents may say he is younger or older with about a year. At the moment he is probably 170 cm high and weighs about 60 kg.
Undoubtfully he is a very handsome and smart young man.
The chances that he lives in United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, South Africa, Botswana, Australia and India are extremely probable.
Savestin was kidnapped in the capital of Bulgaria when he was playing and was only 8 years of age.
He turned into a symbol of the kidnapped children for the whole of South-eastern Europe.
And the struggle of his father against this cruel phenomenon attracted the attention of the whole world.
The brave and uncompromising voice of the father has become proverbial but against him and Savestin is standing their own state. Savestin is an example of the doom of each Bulgarian child before and after it becomes a victim.
Due to the fault of the Ministry of Interior, the Investigation Office, two governments and the Parliament the child was not found. The authorities reject in general the existence of trade and traffic of Bulgarian children.
The Bulgarian state does not search for missing children. The father searches for his son alone. You can read more on the Internet and try to figure out our nightmare. Please help!
In the first part of the site are given the portrait photographs of Savestin and how you could help him. Chronological description of the kidnapping of Savestin and more documents- see part two!
1.The father of the kidnapped boy Savestin – Mr. Todor Deyanov sued the government under civil lawsuit № 3538 / 2006 at the Sofia City Court of Law, First Judge Panel. Instead of promptly meeting the obligations of the state in protection of the kidnapped child, Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev undertook shameful appeal proceedings: "We admit our guilt, but for not more than 5 levs (2.5 euro)".
2.Mr. Deyanov also succeeded in convicting the Investigation Office and the Prosecution Office on all fourteen (14) charges against them. The decision of the Sofia District Court of Law on civil lawsuit № 7150 / 2006, 39th judge panel, reads the following: "We found that during all these years, from 06 May 1997 until the present moment, the claimant relying on his own capacities has struggled to find the truth about his missing child, including by paying visits to foreign countries searching for it. In all his actions he has never met the support of the state in the face of its competent authorities."
3.But the court decree paltry compensations of 300 BGN and of 400 BGN. (=150 Euro and 200 Euro). The father of Savestin–Mr. Todor Deyanov must start again new lawsuits and in practice he is still financially helpless on his own to organize identifying and tracing out his kidnapped son!
Father:Mr. Todor Stanislavov Deyanov,
Address:Lyulin,block 521-G-87,
Sofia 1359,Bulgaria,Europe

На 30.04.2009 Съдът в Страсбург оповести под №2930/2004 са допуснати за разглеждане всичките 6 съдебни процеса за Съвестин. Това е истински прецедент и огромен международен скандал за държавата.Две от делата са срещу Правителството, едно срещу президента Първанов,едно срещу МВР и СДВР,едно срещу Прокуратурата,едно срещу Прокуратурата и Следствието.