New Ban the LTTE Groups on Facebook Group

Due to facebook banning the original group(Which had over 16000 members) the admins have decided to create a new one just in case Facebook dosn't listen to our plea and make it accessible again. Here's the…Read More

Mass Event to Ban LTTE groups on Facebook Messege from the Admins of the "Ban LTTE groups on Facebook" group ( Suba Aluth Awurudak waywa ! Iniya Puththandu Vaththukal ! Happy-New year ! We hope all…Read More

Thamilchelvan Killed.. Beaware of Peace-Huggers trying to dim this victory

The common MISCONCEPTION that is undoubtedly going to be spread by the LTTE and LTTE sympathetic media is that this man S.P. Thamilchelvan (the leader of the LTTE Political wing) was a civilian. That he was a mere mild mannered feeble middle aged man who…Read More

Thamilchelvan Dies in Arial Attack

S.P. Thamilchelvan (the leader of the LTTE Political wing) and also promoted to the rank of "brigadier" had died in an attack from the SLAF.. Good Riddance.. One Less Terrorist, On Less Threat
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