Enough is enough! Bay Area Media needs to stop thier constant coverage of ignorance, hate. and contempt from this family and others.

We'd like to see the local media treat the deaths of these four brave officers with dignity and respect. Giving air time to the spiteful and antagonistic anti-cop mobs has got to stop. It was too much to bare when twenty or so citizens were standing around taunting the police as they picked up the pieces of this tragic event. Why do we now have to hear their hatred, read their signs & posters, and listen to the excuses of the killers family? KRON & KTVU want us to believe that these deaths are related to the killing of Oscar Grant, yet that couldn't be further from the truth. Grant's killing was an error made by a young cop. This was a pre-planned attack against cops, just doing their jobs, by an armed parolee who didn't want to go back to prison. The family blames cops for pulling him over (I assume to claim profiling was the cause), yet they excuse his previous conviction for assault with a deadly weapon, his parole violations, drug activity, the fact that he carried a firearm (including an illegal assault rifle), his implication in a murder after his release from prison, and the DNA evidence linking him to rape. All this and they claim "he is not a monster". I think we all know the truth, and frankly I for one am tired of hearing their side of the story. Join this cause and let the Bay Area media outlets know that you are tired of it too!

1. Honor those brave officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice on 3/21/09.

2. Honor the families who are left shattered and broken due to Lovelle's selfish, cowardly, and malicious acts.

3. Honor the brave men and women of OPD (and law enforcement in general) who are left to soldier on and complete the mission after losing their comrades.