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Help RSDSA Win Big Bucks from Chase Giving!! 4 Days Left to Vote!!

Hi all!

An update about the RSDSA walk will come very soon (I promise!). Right now, we have a time-sensitive matter on our hands and need all of your help!

Chase Giving is having a contest to help eligible organizations win big money for their causes. RSDSA just happens to be one of those eligible organizations! The top 200 organizations with the highest amount of votes will win thousands of dollars. Imagine what RSDSA could do with such a great deal of money: fund an important RSD study, promote greater RSD awareness, etc.! In order to help RSDSA win one of these prizes, we need everyone belonging to the RSDSA Causes Page (all 12,100+ of us!) to help vote for RSDSA! It's fast, free, and easy to vote. Click on this link: -- (if you don't already belong to the Chase Giving Application, you will be prompted to join, which again, is fast and free). To the right of RSDSA's name, you'll see a small green banner that says, "vote now." Click on it, and your vote will be counted!

Note that you can only vote for the same organization one time, but you may vote for up to 20 organizations. I encourage you all to vote for some of the other eligible RSD organizations too (some of the existing RSD organizations are not currently eligible for this contest, but will be in the future), such as RSD-CRPS LifeSavers, ROTKORSD, The International Foundation for RSD/CRPS, etc. While in the application, you can search for these and other eligible RSD organizations by going to the "search & vote" link and using search terms like RSD, CRPS, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, etc. (only search for one term at a time, of course!). If we all rally together, perhaps several RSD organizations can win big and use the money for important work!

Just so you know, Chase Giving does this contest several times a year, so look out for it in the future! I will send a bulletin the next time that they'll do the contest.

Hurry up and vote for RSDSA (and others), as there is only 4 days left!! There are enough of us belonging to the RSDSA Causes Page to make a win a sure thing for RSDSA, so please make your vote right now . . . and tell all of your friends to do the same!

Thanks to everyone who can help! Another bulletin to follow soon with a report on the recent RSDSA walk! :-)

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