RSDSA's mission is to promote greater public and professional awareness of CRPS/RSDS and fund research for improved treatments and a cure.

- >7,000, (731, or 10%, receive free membership)

- $1,161,050 in fellowships and research grants funded since 1992.
- RSDSA is the only national organization that actively funds more than $75,000 annually for CRPS/RSD research.

- Free information packets (2,418 mailed in 2006);
- Website (average visits: 45,740; peak: 58,199 in January 2007)
- Quarterly newsletter
-Electronic alerts

- RSDSA Review (Quarterly)
- In Pain and Agonizing About the Bills, directory for financially-devastated members
- Brochures and other educational materials

Educational Initiatives:
- Evidenced-based Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management of CRPS
- Article archive of peer-reviewed medical articles on research, diagnosis and treatment of CRPS
- Electronic Alerts
- Website (average visits: 45,740; peak: 58,199 in January 2007)
- Free information packets (2,418 mailed in 2006)
- Slide kit for professionals on diagnosis and treatment
- RSDSA exhibits at several major medical, health, and benefit insurer conferences.

- Contributions, member dues, program fees, special events, and grant support from pharmaceutical and other companies, and private and corporate foundations.

Where Do Your Contributions Go?:
- Program Services: 93%
- Administration and Fundraising: 7%

Goals for 2008:
- Producing a DVD that will instruct physical and occupational therapists how to restore function in people with CRPS. It will be accredited for continuing education credits.
- Continue to produce the quarterly RSDSA.
- Most importantly, we will continue on our mission to educate the community at large about CRPS through our publications, our website, and increased outreach efforts.

1. RSDSA promotes public and professional awareness of RSD/CRPS and to educate those afflicted with the syndrome, their families, friends, etc.

2. RSDSA encourages individuals with RSD/CRPS to offer each other emotional support within affiliate groups.

3. RSDSA is committed to raising funds for research into the cause and cure of RSD/CRPS.

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association (RSDSA)
a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 22-2559139)