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Back From Europe To Greet You All Happy Holidays!!

Hello out there!

We're at 13,616 members for this cause and for all of those who have continued to be joined to this cause, have donated, and are new members, I want to thank you personally. I'm so glad in some small way I have had an impact by creating this cause.

As for me, I just came home from the UK (Exeter) where I have been living for the past 6 months. I went over to salvage a relationship I was in this time last year and to take an internship job which would have led to a visa but alas, neither worked out and I am again in Olympia, Washington, USA. Now I am back at the Evergreen State College to resume my degree work.

So... now that I am single again, are there any takers? :P Which harks back to one of the principles of the group which is to ask trannies out!

Well anyhow, guys, thanks again for your continued support and I am most humbled and grateful.

Yours always, Liz McLaren

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