To educate society that transgender people are human beings just as any other group of people and must be treated at least as well as all other citizens- legally, politically, and socially.

Transgender and Intersex people, as well as all others who live outside being a typically-prescribed male/man or female/woman deserve a fair shot just like everyone else. Show love, kindness, and understanding to us. For example, if you like or have a crush on someone in this situation or with this condition, ask them out! Make friends with one if you go to class, work or participate in an extracurricular activity with someone trans! If someone you know tells you that they are Transgender, or Intersex, or anything of the sort, then it's obviously because they like and trust you- so treat them with trust and friendship in return. Get to understand the person for who they are as individuals. This goes not only for Trans/Intersex people but for all, and is a valuable lesson to be learned by humanity.

Today, as individuals that exist outside the established male=man/female=woman "norm" become more accepted and embraced by society at large, we have more opportunity than ever before to stop this extremely toxic and nearly unchecked oppression in its tracks.

Please note-- this is a group for people all around the globe, since this kind of oppression exists everywhere. It was, however, created by an American with the American perspective in mind. Having said that, anyone from around the world can and should share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences with us and are welcome to join!

1. National governments (particularly the United States's) NEED TO COVER TG/Intersex-related healthcare costs- INCLUDING but not limited to SURGERIES.

2. Police forces globally must protect and defend transgender/intersex/non-male-or-female citizens just as well as they would any other group.

3. Transgender people must be allowed to legally marry if they wish, and as they see fit.