To empower High School student bodies to raise funds for free wheelchairs for the disabled poor. That’s 550 chairs per shipping container @ 4 wheels per chair = 2,200 wheels.

There are an estimated 100 Million people worldwide who are crawling on the ground every day.

No walking to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to answer the front door. Only crawling. And forget about walking across the street to the store, or across town to church or school, or to the next town to see the doctor.
Only crawling.

Enter Free Wheelchair Mission. Over the past 8 years, Free Wheelchair Mission has successfully equipped 350,000 disabled poor with just that – free wheelchairs.

And they have done it with remarkable cost efficiency. Today, to build and ship and assemble and deliver that wheelchair to its ultimate recipient costs less than 52 Dollars! And, at four wheels per chair, that’s just $13.00 per wheel!

2200 Wheels is a movement of high school students who want to make a difference....who want to see the disabled poor lifted up and off the ground, both physically and spiritually.

Specifically, the mission of each local 2200 Wheels campaign is to raise enough money to send at least 1 shipping container of free wheelchairs to needy persons in developing countries. That’s 550 chairs per container… 4 wheels per chair…2,200 wheels.

So please help us to help others to help themselves. Of course, if you can donate an entire wheelchair, or two, or ten, that would be awesome! To donate, please click on the following link to the 2200 Wheels Campaign for Free Wheelchair Mission:


Thanks and Blessing to you!

©2009 – 2200 Wheels

1. Please view the JIM CARREY narrated video at http://vimeo.com/3607489

2. Please view the You Tube FWM video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPOaf9Gy644

3. Please visit our website at www.freewheelchair.org/2200wheels