Wrong date. I meant 1-30-2010!!

I do that every year it seems.


I am so happy and full of joy at this moment I can barely sit still to type this up. I just heard from a reliable souce that January 30th was the last day they will be open. I want to take this time and opportunity to thank everyone for all the support in…Read More

Happy holidays and have a safe New Year!

Thanks for everyone helping this cause this year just by spreading the word of how unfair this employer is and how poorly they treat their employees. I would like to thank you all for doing your part. Also, I would like to remind everyone that even though we…Read More

The firings continue!! I hear the death knell.

FYE fires 2 more people!!! One more quits today!! Someone play Taps I think they might be done. It would totally be the coolest Christmas gift I ever got. I hear they are offering an INSANE amount of money for the manager position. They can offer this if they…Read More

Almost there....

We are just 1 member away from 300!!! I need all of you to do me a HUGE Christmas favor. Consider a gift to all of us that used to work there. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AN INVIT PEOPLE TO THE CAUSE!! This means something unlike Farmville or Farkle this is what…Read More

Latest News!! More Firings & Hirings and No Lease Signings!!!

Hello, one and all!! I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season. I am glad to see that our little group is still growing especially during this time of year. It is vital that we don't give them our 4th quarter dollars to keep them in the business of…Read More

A sad but funny truth

So, I am working at Gamestop now. We just had a huge game release on Monday night, Halo 3 ODST. We had about 100 or so people show up and we had double that pre-sold. As I was waiting on the droves of people I see an FYE employee come in wearing his FYE…Read More
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