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Last Distribution

Hello everybody!

I just wanted to let you all know how the last project went downtown!

We wound up collecting enough supplies to fill 104 and for bags all of which contained: a bible, a bottle of water, two pb&j sandwiches, a hat, a scarf, a bag of animal crackers, a couple of desserts and a note of encouragement.

A group of us met at Jo's house and made over 200 sandwiches, ugh. Hahaha. We then got everything together and loaded it all up into numerous cars.

When we got downtown, we were still getting the bags out of the cars and people were already coming our way to see what was going on. We gave out all of the bags in about an hour and then proceeded to talk amongst everyone.

Bottom line: It went really well and we met some amazing people.

It is my belief that we plan to do this again before the summer season really kicks off so if you would like to be involved just email me ad let me know!!

Love you all!
-Emily Felts

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