Something to Think About

In a world as corrupt as the one in which we live, it becomes necessary to do everything possible to resist the so called normalities and scenarios classified as "fun" that this society presents. I don't mean that you cannot get together with friends and have…Read More

Last Distribution

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you all know how the last project went downtown! We wound up collecting enough supplies to fill 104 and for bags all of which contained: a bible, a bottle of water, two pb&j sandwiches, a hat, a scarf, a bag of…Read More

Upcoming Progress

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that my small group and a few others are planning on going downtown a little closer to Christmas so pass out a LOT more BrownBags! We are currently accepting donations of coats, hat, and gloves since it is getting…Read More

Gettin this thing started!!!

Hey guys! So far we really haven't done anything so let's get started!! If you are able to donate money, even if it's just a little that would be good. Or if you have extra bibles laying around that would also be appreciated!!! Food donations too, try to…Read More
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