A place to show support for our fallen colleagues and their families and friends

I am starting this cause for the officers that were killed in the line of duty in Oakland on March 21, 2009. They and their families and friends are in our thoughts and our prayers.

Please note...this site is purely about the heroes that we lost and showing our support for law enforcement officers in general who put their lives on the line for our safety every day.

With that said...please note this site is not about airing our grievances about the many things wrong with this situation or discussing the subject who took the lives of our four brave brothers.

This site is about love and support...not hate.

It's not that I don't understand the anger in this situation, I get it, I'm mad too, but I don't want to perpetuate the cycle of violence.

So unfortunately, postings that are deemed inappropriate or irrelevant will be deleted. Postings should only be about sharing your support or sorrow or experiences...not about hate or anger or violence.

1. Show your support by joining the cause

2. Keep the officers and their families in your thoughts and/or prayers

3. This is not a site to air opinions about the many things wrong w the situation...it is purely about showing support & solidarity to fellow officers

4. Oakland Police Officer's Association http://opoa.org/

5. OPD Website - www.oaklandpolice.com