Remember Coffee, one of the newest members of the League of Extraordinary Chinese women? She needs our help! Because she lost a leg and now wears a prosthesis, Coffee faces enormous difficulties in China. In addition to the stigma she faces in trying to get…Read More

Our coming Olympc Store: Thanks Ms Christine...

Last Call

The vote will end today at Midnight for David as Torch Bearer....

The Olympic Finals!!

Hey all: David was notified 3 weeks behind the other candidates....They have had a LOT of time to rally support... We each have to get 15 of our friends to vote to get him into the top tier... HELP, only 4 days left!!!

David and the Olympic Torch

David is trying to become one of the eight foreign expats who will carry the Olympic torch for part of its trek to Beijing. Please help me out by voting for me. Thank you!

Please check out our Knight Grant and Leave Comments that will improve our application

Causes help business...pass it on...

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