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Activists Blockade Entrance to TransCanada Site

For Immediate Release
July 6, 2010
Contacts: Emily Posner (207) 930-5232
Logan Perkins (971)-322-6509

Earth First! Blockades Giant Industrial Wind Turbines in Pristine Wilderness

Stratton, Maine-At about 8 a.m., Tuesday July 6, at least fifty Earth First!
blockaded Goldbrook Rd, the access point to the Kibby Mountain wind project
the town of Stratton, halting the construction of 22 industrial wind turbines on

delicate Alpine ecosystems of Maine’s western boundary mountains. The action
just before the Land Use Regulation Commission’s (LURC) meeting July 7 to
a proposal for a similar project on neighboring Sisk Mountain, and on the heels
of the
national Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, hosted this year by Maine Earth
TransCanada, the transnational corporation responsible for the devastating
practice of
tar sands oil extraction in Alberta, Canada, has already built 24 mammoth
turbines on
Kibby Mountain, and has begun construction of an additional 22 turbines, a
that includes significant road building and wide transmission line corridors.
projects are part of a trend that shifts from forest management to development
in Maine,
which threatens to permanently change the face of Maine’s North Woods, the
undeveloped wilderness east of the Mississippi river. Both Sisk and Kibby
projects will reap huge benefits for TransCanada and the landowner Plum Creek.
“In the face of the Gulf Oil Disaster, and massively destructive coal mining, we

the value of developing alternative energy systems,” said Meg Gilmartin of Maine
Earth First! “But these projects are a perfect example of how corporations and
are taking advantage of the climate and energy crises to make profits while
accountability. We don’t view projects on this industrial scale as being the
solution to our

“If we really want to look at how the North Woods can mitigate climate change,
should restore our forest and protect sensitive ecosystems, like those on Sisk
Kibby Mountain,” said Ryan Clark of Maine Earth First! “These unique high
areas are breeding grounds for the endangered Bicknell Thrush, nesting sites for

federally protected Golden Eagle and critical habitat for endangered Canadian
The project is also being protested for moving forward without public hearings.
Maine Earth First! is the local component of the national environmental group
First!, a network of activists that focuses on grassroots organizing and direct
actions in
defense of the earth’s natural systems, and maintains a no-compromise stance.

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