To raise public awareness of mouth cancer and to support mouth cancer patients, carers and health professionals.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation is a registered charity No. 1109298.

The main object of the Foundation is:
The relief of sickness and the promotion and protection of good health among those suffering or at risk of Mouth, Throat and other Head & Neck Cancer by the collation and dissemination of relevant information among the public generally and by the provision of support to patients, carers and health professionals.

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1. to co-ordinate and lead a Mouth Cancer Awareness programme in the United Kingdom that emphasizes early detection and prevention.

2. to provide counseling and support for patients and families Individual counseling sessions for people with cancer and their loved ones; conducted in person, over the phone and via the Internet.

3. to provide assistance for those who need it most. Assist with obtaining financial assistance for things such as pain medication, homecare, childcare, and transportation to and from treatment;

4. to foster and undertake research into any aspect of the objects of the Foundation and its work and to disseminate the results of any such research

5. to co-operate and enter into arrangements with any relevant authorities, organizations, national, local or otherwise