Memorial in NJ

Dee, Kelly and Jennifer are grateful for the number of people who have joined the cause, in addition to the kinds words you are leaving in memory of Brian. They have already found comfort on numerous occasions because of your kindness. A memorial and repast…Read More

Wake/Funeral/Memorial Information

The memorial date and time in Wayne have not yet been established. I will post as soon as I know. See below for visitation and Mass in Florida. The visitation for the wake will be from 5-8pm on Thursday, March 26th at Coral Ridge Funeral Home. 1630 Pine…Read More

3/23 - 8:30pm

I just spoke to Kelly. Brian has passed away. The family will hold a small wake in Cape Coral and a memorial service in Wayne probably later in the week. I will post information as soon as I know. Let's keep the cause going. I think it would be awesome if…Read More

3/23 - Pray for the family

The entire Dombrowski family will need your continued prayers. Brian's brain has shown no signs of improvement. If they kept him on life support, he'd live as a vegetable. Therefore, they've decided to take him off of life support today and say goodbye. The…Read More


Brian's condition is still the same. They're constantly monitoring his brain and there hasn't really been any activity. They will be taking him out of the coma tomorrow and pray for the best. Thank you all for your support and prayers. It means the world to…Read More

Update from Kelly 3/21 at 6:30pm

I heard from Kelly. Brian went in for a less invasive procedure than gastric bypass and came out with all seeming to be well. He received a shot to kill the pain and it caused him to stop breathing, which then caused cardiac arrest. They don't know how long…Read More
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