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Need your support

Dear friends,

Hugh O'Brian Youth New York Metro Leadership seminar is coming up June 12-14 but we are still short of our fundraising goals to ensure a successful seminar that will produce a new waive of energized leaders.

I urge you to follow me in supporting the seminar a little bit at the time. I am currently on a $10 a month donation plan - it is automatically deducted from my account on the 5th of the month. $10 is one or 2 drinks depending where you are and is nothing but accumulated over 12 months its $120 for the seminar.

If all 156 of us did the same it would be $18,720 for the seminar. Let's say half of us do it - $9,360. And at $5 a month - $4,680.

If you can do $5, $10, or $15 or even $20 please donate that. It's safe and reliable to donate through facebook and will help this program to sustain itself for years to come.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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