ECC's goal is to bring public awareness to the dangers of plastics in our oceans and now in our food. The North Pacific Gyre is just 1 of 5 in the world and plastic is accumulating in all our oceans

The Environmental Cleanup Coalition (ECC) is an independent, non-profit group organizing, educating and bringing awareness to the public about the danger of plastics in our oceans. Advocating a culture that takes responsibility for its waste.

The Gyre Cleanup Project; is a large scale ocean rescue mission focused on removing debris accumulating in the North Pacific Gyre, revitalizing an ecosystem choking on human garbage.

The Food For All Project is ; About easing the pressure off of the oceans to have to produce so much food for the human race. Empowering individuals and communities to become self reliant.

1. There is an estimated 11 million tons of plastic in the ocean today

2. The "garbage-patch" in the North Pacific is roughly twice the surface size of Texas.

3. Toxins are collecting in and around plastic particles and are making their way up the food chain, eventually harming human health.

4. For more info or to donate: http://gyrecleanup.org