My mission is to help raise awareness of the growing cancer epidemic in our dogs. I want to raise as much $$ as possilble for Canine Cancer Awareness, a nonprofit that helps with treatment costs.

My simple goal is to bring awareness to the rampant increase in cancer among our dogs. I want to raise as much $$ as possible for this nonprofit, as they were instrumental in helping defray some of the costs of cancer treatments for Smokey. You can go to
This will take you to their Homepage.Click on "dogs who need sponsors" and there you will find Smokeys story and many others.
Please donate if possible. The money you donate does not in anyway go to the person themselves, but is solely paid to the health provider after bills are submitted to their treasusrer. Thanks.

1. I lost one of my kids last year to lung cancer. Now Smokey's out of remission after one year.

2. This non-profit group has been instumental in helping me cover some of the costs of care.. www.caninecancerawareness.org Please help.